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Tired of Wikipedia? Tired of all those stupid people changing back what you edit? Well then! You are in the right place! This is BULL SHEET WIKI! The encyclopedia of BULL SHIT! Put whatever the hell you want on and make sure you put on your watchlist! Just make sure it's apporpiate or else it will be removed and you will be reported! It can be slightly funny or not funny at all. Really, it's uncyclopedia but with a free edit system! Have fun and don't fawk it up, bitch!

Rant of October/NovemberEdit

What the f--k! The new Minecraft halloween update! Scream Fortress 2! Fallout: New Vegas! Fable III! F--KING HALLOWEEN! NOTHING BAD! WHOOO!

Latest activityEdit

  • edit Xbox
    edited by A FANDOM user diff
    Summary: Box with x
  • edit Bacon
    edited by More Tha diff
    Summary: Lol nothing.
  • new page Resistance
    created by A FANDOM user
    New page: A resistance is an electronic component. Police officers often remove them from electronic circuits to arrest them for their resistance activity. ...
    Summary: Created written article
  • new page Bacon
    created by A FANDOM user
    New page: Add Video Add Image Bacon is a cannibalistic cuisine, meat taken from the body of the long since deceased sir Francis Bacon.
    Summary: Created written article

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